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The field of social care and social economy in Germany is growing constantly. To develop in line with future needs, the service area needs to grow its qualified and committed social care workforce. Since 2004 CareFlex has specialized in the permanent placement and temporary deployment of employees in social care and health care professions. More recently recruitment and further qualification of professionals from inside the country and abroad have been successfully dealt with by our sister company Careflex Recruiting Experts.

As a company belonging to the Evangelische Stiftung Alsterdorf (Protestant Charity Foundation) in Hamburg, we have detailed knowledge of the conditions in and requirements of the social care sector. Our Recruitment Consultants have vast of experience in recruitment and integration projects, as well as excellent expertise and inter-cultural competence.

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Are you a qualified nurse, and are you looking for a new professional challenge in Germany?

We offer you the job that suits you best. In addition, we actively support you with professional and linguistic preparations and provide support with your professional and social integration.

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Recruitment of Qualified Care Workers from China.

Since January 2014 the first nurses from China are working in a Frankfurt-based care facility. The project was initiated by the Arbeitgeberverband Pflege (Association of employers in social and health and elderly care) and is supported by the federal government.

CareFlex Recruiting Experts has taken important tasks in project management and was the competent point of contact for employers as well as overseas applicants.

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